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Bernice Eads Higgins

Bernice Eads Higgins was born February 12, 1923 in Corlena, TX to Benjamin Franklin Eads and Lottie Leona Muse. She was born a twin with Bernard Eads, her siblings were; B.F., Mae, Ione, Bernice & Bernard, and Bill. She grew up on a farm in the panhandle of Texas and her father and B.F. ran the elevator in Texline. As she grew up, she became known as Girlie and her twin was referred to as Bub.

Not much is known about Bernice’s childhood, but the family remembers a picture of her with Bub and a cousin on a pony. Bernice graduated from Texline High School in 1940. She then went to Amarillo, attending the Amarillo Business College and began working for the government office, Triple A, the soil conservation office. She had about $3.00 in her bank account after paying room and board; she paid $25.00 per month for room. Bernice was baptized in the Lord’s church in high school along with her brother Bub. She came home one weekend and went to church with her brother in Texline. John didn’t let any grass grow under his
feet after meeting Bernice and in about 6 months, on November 15, 1947 they were married (John’s 26th birthday).

They honeymooned at Carlsbad Cavern’s. When they returned home, there was about 18” of snow on the ground and a lot of work to be done. Bernice loved gardening and she canned all the vegetables. She continued to can into her 80’s. She was also known for her home cooking. She would feed all the hands, by herself, sometimes up to 21 people. It was said that the cowboys would show up to work just to eat Bernice’s cooking.

Bernice was unable to have children, and after being married 7 years, John & Bernice adopted their first child, James from the Edna Gladney Home in Ft. Worth. James was born on June 26, 1954. Cynthia came next, February 27, 1957. Janette was born October 13, 1961 and lastly John came October 27, 1964. John & Bernice built a new home in Texline in 1963. They went to Perico, TX and bought bricks from the old school. John figured they moved about 30,000 bricks for their new home. In 1968, John, Bernice and family moved to Limon, CO. Bernice began china painting in 1970 with Ginny Lee. She continued on painting and teaching for the next 42 years. There was always someone who came to eat on Sunday’s after church. Bernice was always available to help out anyone.