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Dalhart Texan Classified Rates
Minimum Charge:     $7.00
1 day per word.........$.70
2 days per word........$.75
3 days per word........$.80
4 days per word........$.85
5 days per word........$.90
6 days per word........$.95
7 days per word.......$1.00
8 days per word.......$1.05
25% extra for bold face type.
25% extra for borders.
50% extra for reverse ads.
50% extra for blind ads.

Cash in Advance Ads
Ads placed in the classified section must be
paid in advance before publication,
unless the advertiser has established
credit with the Texan.

The Dalhart Texan publishes on Tuesday and Friday

Classified advertisements may be viewed
by subscription only. Call 806-244-4511, or fill out
our online form to begin your subscription.
You may also email us at

Ads must be placed or canceled by noon on Friday for Tuesday’s edition and noon on Tuesday for Friday’s edition.

The Texan reserves the right to reject, edit,
revise and classify all advertising submitted
for publication. The Texan also reserves the
right to cancel any advertising at any time.

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